EPF (Early Production Facilities)

Icon-EPF WhiteFast Track Production facilities

BEENDER's talented team can deliver to clients in record time Early Production Facilities (EPF) to bring forward the first production of oil and gas.

Our Early Production Facilities use modular type production equipment design which enables fast track production of oil and gas. The modular design allows the EPF to be installed or dismantled quickly even in remote locations.

Our EPF designs can range from a simple modified well test set up to a sophisticated installation using facility-specific equipment.
As far as possible we select generic modular type production equipment which allows cost savings when engineering and operating, as well as significant time savings on delivery to the site.

No two Early Production Facilities are ever identical. We recognise the importance of adopting a flexible approach. We supply our clients with facilities that genuinely reflect their development needs.

Advantages and benefits of BEENDER delivered EPF

  • Producing oil and gas faster
    • Using equipment with shorter lead delivery time
    • Reducing initial capital investment
    • Achieving Early Cash Flow
  • Collecting further reservoir data during the early production period
    • Accurate determination of reservoir data
    • Monitoring of reservoir depletion by extended testing
    • Better planning of appraisal/development wells
    • Optimise the design of the permanent facilities